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 TypeListing titleAddressProperty typeSquarePriceFloor
Residential complex of MCR. SportsSellResidential complex of MCR. SportsSports MCRapartment housePrice on askingFloors: 10
Sunset HotelRent out a propertySunset HotelNorth Alta Loma RoadhotelPrice on askingFloors: 0
2-Bedroom Apartment within a minute walk from Paveletskaya metro stationSell2-Bedroom Apartment within a minute walk from Paveletskaya metro stationMoscow, Zatsepa St., 22apartment
3 bedrooms
80 m2$ 185000 Sale11/12
Apartment near Arbatskaya metro station, Bolshoy Afanasyevsky Lane, 10Rent out a propertyApartment near Arbatskaya metro station, Bolshoy Afanasyevsky Lane, 10Moscow, Bolshoy Afanasyevsky Lane, 10apartment
1 bedrooms
36 m2$ 25 per hour9/14
1-Bedroom Apartment near Prospekt Mira metro stationRent out a property1-Bedroom Apartment near Prospekt Mira metro stationMoscow, Gilyarovsky St., 20apartment
2 bedrooms
58 m2$ 40 per hour6/14
Apartment, Bolshaya Polyanka St., 28Rent out a propertyApartment, Bolshaya Polyanka St., 28Moscow, Bolshaya Polyanka St., 28apartment
1 bedrooms
35 m2$ 1200 per month7/14
Apartment on Novy Arbat St.Rent out a propertyApartment on Novy Arbat St.Moscow, Novy Arbat St., 26apartment
1 bedrooms
40 m2$ 50 per hour12/24
Сountry house for monthly rent in Badeevo, Chekhov, Moscow OblastRent out a propertyСountry house for monthly rent in Badeevo, Chekhov, Moscow OblastMoscow, Badeevo, Chekhov, Chekhovsky Region, Moscow Oblast, Russiahouse
4 bedrooms
150 m2$ 1500 per monthFloors: 2
Сountry house in Stolbovaya settlementRent out a propertyСountry house in Stolbovaya settlementMoscow, Urban-type settlement Stolbovaya, Chekhovsky Region, Moscow Oblast, Russiahouse
4 bedrooms
350 m2$ 180 per day1/2
House on Rublevskoe highwayRent out a propertyHouse on Rublevskoe highwayMoscow, on Rublevskoe highwayhouse
8 bedrooms
330 m2$ 500 per day2/2
Apartment, Pskovskaya St.Rent out a propertyApartment, Pskovskaya St.Moscow, Pskovskaya St., 10К1apartment
1 bedrooms
40 m2$ 40 per day2/10
Chelobitevskoe highwayRent out a propertyChelobitevskoe highwayMoscow, Chelobitevskoe Highwayhouse
5 bedrooms
170 m2$ 250 per day2/2
House on Trubetskaya St.Rent out a propertyHouse on Trubetskaya St.New-York, Trubetskaya St.house
6 bedrooms
120 m2$ 1300 per monthFloors: 2
2-Bedroom Apartment, Aviamotornaya St.Rent out a property2-Bedroom Apartment, Aviamotornaya St.New-York, Aviamotornay St., 22/12apartment
3 bedrooms
60 m2$ 400 per week4/9
3-room apartmentSell3-room apartmentapartment
3 bedrooms
95 m2$ 63436 Sale7/10
2-room apartmentSell2-room apartmentapartment
2 bedrooms
66.2 m2$ 44122 Sale2/10
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